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137 Pillars Suites & Residences (Bangkok)

Whie visiting Bangkok we had the honor of being some of the first guests to stay at the new 137 Pillars Residences and Suites. We were very much looking forward to our stay because while visiting Chiang Mai, we had the pleasure of visiting the 137 Pillars House property where we learned more about their brand and the overall history of 137 Pillars. We discovered that the historic house was the Northern Headquarters of the Borneo Trading Company built 125 years ago. After seeing first hand the elegance and modern luxury of 137 Pillars House, the property in Bangkok certainly did not disappoint.

One of the stand out qualities that we noticed upon arriving at 137 Pillars Suites & Residences was the impeccable hospitality and service. From the moment we stepped out of our car we were greeted with warm smiles and assistance with our luggage. Not only was the check in process quick and efficient, we were given a personal Butler who showed us to our room and provided a rundown on all the features in the suite to make us more comfortable with the space. When staying abroad you want to feel as though you are apart of another culture while not losing that sense of home, and we felt right at home thanks to the hospitable staff. 

We were fortunate to stay in a Rattanakosin Suite which came with a 24-hour butler service. When we say it was fabulous we truly mean it. The moment you enter the room there is a kitchenette stocked with light snacks and beverages. Next to that is the main room with a dining area, sectional sofa and entertainment center. To the right there was one bedroom with two double beds and a private bathroom that came equipped with a technologically advanced shower and toilet. On the left side of the main living area is the master suite with a king bed, walk in closet, and a bathroom equipped with a giant bathtub. Make no mistake, we took more baths in those few days than we have in the past year and loved every minute of it. The main room also has a balcony that you can enjoy while overlooking the views of the bustling city. The bedrooms also have ceiling to floor windows that allow you to see the city behind closed doors, while the weather is hot during the day. The suite was exquisite and we definitely questioned if we ever wanted to leave. Another notable feature that is convenient for travelers was the USB ports for charging your electronic devices.

Let's talk about some of the amazing features and amenities that 137 Pillars Bangkok has to offer. One of the first things that come to mind is the breathtaking infinity pool for suite guests located on the rooftop. It provides a breathtaking view of the entire city. We took full advantage of the pool and poolside bar first thing in the morning before it got too hot and at night when the weather began to cool off. There is also another pool located on the 27th floor that has a bar and restaurant.

One of our favorite amenities was the Leonowens Club which is exclusive for Suite guests and private members. The lounge is located on the 26th floor and offers complimentary and delicious a la carte breakfast. 

Our stay at 137 Pillars Bangkok was short and sweet but we felt as though we maximized our time at the property enough to experience a “timeless sanctuary in the heart of the city”. If you are planning a trip and want to feel a maximum level of comfort and luxury while traveling in Bangkok, book a room with 137 Pillars. It has everything you could ever need for business or pleasure. After all, it’s where life becomes legendary.

Check out our Travel Vlog about 137 Pillars Residences & Suites!


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