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A Pisa Gay Italy: Things To See And Do

Located 42 miles (67 Km) from Florence, Italy is the historic town of Pisa home to the highly photographed Tower of Pisa. Even though it is one of the smaller cities of Tuscany, Pisa may be one of the most important and influential in the entire region after rising to prominence in the 11th century. When you find yourself in Tuscany you can't miss the opportunity to take the short trip to explore all that Pisa has to offer. We had the opportunity to explore this legendary city and see more than just the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

In order to learn more about Pisa we did a walking tour with Queer Tuscany Tours, founded by licensed tour guide, Francesco Calanca. His tours emphasize the “Queerstory”- as he likes to call it - "which isn’t just about hidden history of the Gay & Lesbian community, but also a tool that delves into neglected themes of history." For example, when we visited the beautiful Baptistery, we learned about a small engraving, which could easily be overlooked, that is said to mark the meeting place for gay men cruising.