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Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a vibrant metropolis full of things to do, food to try, and sights to see.  Nestled between the magnificent skyscrapers you will find ancient temples, delicious street food, and the happiest people you'll meet; all of which capture the essence of Thailand. Luckily for us, we were able to maximize our time in Bangkok thanks to the help of Dorak Tours. When we first arrived in Bangkok we went straight to our hotel, Tongtara Resort, to call it a night after a long day traveling. The resort was super convenient and had everything we could possibly need, including an amazing breakfast buffet. When we woke up we didn’t waste any time making sure we were fed before heading out to explore. If you want a hotel that is affordable, convenient, and comfortable, then you should look into Tongtara. For more information about Tongtara Resort click here.

We planned our Bangkok trip with Dorak Tours and they were absolutely wonderful about meeting our needs and expectations. Our guide, Patrick, had a jammed packed schedule of things we requested to see or do prior to our arrival. The first stop on our tour was the famous floating market located a few hours south of Bangkok called Damnoen Saduak. There are a few floating markets closer to the city that we didn’t get a chance to visit, but if you are pressed for time they might be something to look into. Damnoen Saduak is by far the most famous, as it has been in a few movies such as James Bond’s The Man With The Golden Gun and Bangkok Dangerous with Nicholas Cage. If you have the time to make the trip to this floating market we highly recommend it. You are able to see and experience so much about the Thai culture and what their way of life is like on the canals. There are floating vendors all throughout the market serving Thai delicacies, souvenirs, clothing, and other various Thailand knick-knacks. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to go; there's a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy!

After our tour of the floating market, we made our way back to Bangkok to enjoy some dinner with Supanniga Cruise. The cruise takes you down the Chao Phraya River and lasts about 2 hours with a five-course meal along the way. The sites you get to see along the river are amazing, not to mention, you get to enjoy the sunset while experiencing the river at night. The dinner was delicious and after the third course was served our stomachs were already full. They served us traditional Thai dishes with a hint of elegance and luxury, never compromising taste. The cruise was probably one of the most romantic things we did while in Thailand and if you are traveling with a significant other you should add this to your list of things to do. The good thing about the Supanniga Cruise is that the boat is smaller in size and the guest list is shorter providing a more intimate environment for you and your travel companion(s). We wouldn’t suggest bringing children on the cruise as most of the guests were couples or groups of friends. Overall, our experience seeing the river at night and eating delicious food was a great way to end our first night in Bangkok! If you want more information about Supanniga Cruises click here.

That concluded our first day in Bangkok! We changed hotels for the night and made ourselves at home thanks to 137 Pillars Suites and Residences in Bangkok. If you want to learn more about 137 Pillars, watch the video below. 

On our second day in Bangkok, we spent the morning at our hotel lounging around the rooftop pool and eating breakfast at the Leonowens Club before heading out for the day. Dorak Tours had a temple tour planned for us and because we are huge history nerds we were excited about it. To watch our Temple Tour experience, click the YouTube video below!

You hear a lot about Bangkok and how the rooftop bars are incredible and the city itself is crazy but one thing I wish you heard more of is how much rich history encompasses the city. Everywhere you turn there is another temple and with each temple more history about Thailand Buddhist culture. One of our favorite things about visiting Thailand is experiencing every aspect of their culture and learning as much as we did. 

To concluded our time in Bangkok we got tickets to the Calypso Show for our final adventure. The Calypso Show is located in the Asiatique, an outdoor market full of different vendors, stores, and restaurants. Our tickets came with dinner and entertainment before the show started. If you have this option I would do it because the meal was great and the performance was traditional Thai dancing which we had never seen before. The Calypso show started momentarily after the dinner and it was phenomenal. It was one of the most entertaining experiences of our trip, we were laughing, we were smiling, and most importantly you could feel how much the performers loved what they were doing on stage. The Calypso Show is one of the most famous LadyBoy shows in Bangkok and you would do yourself a disservice if you missed it. For more information about the Calypso Show click here

For our last hoorah in Bangkok, we spent the evening at our hotel’s rooftop bar enjoying the city skyline and reminiscing about the past two days. Even though we were only able to spend two full days in Bangkok we got a great taste of what the city had to offer and we plan on going back as soon as we can. There is so much to do and see and if you can plan it right you can definitely get the most out of your time in Bangkok. 


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