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Norwegian Airlines Dreamliner

5,452 miles - That’s how many miles separate Los Angeles from the London-Gatwick international airport. Does this type of distance ever intimidate you from traveling to the U.K.? If you answered yes, then you’re in luck because we found the perfect solution for you: Norwegian airlines. This airline will take great care of you; making sure you get to London fast, safe and comfortable on their 787-9 dreamliner non-stop direct service from LAX to London-Gatwick. We were fortunate enough to travel with this airline on our Visit Britain trip to the U.K. and it was a pleasant experience to say the least. Below you will find 5 reasons why you should chose Norwegian’s 787-9 dreamliner as your aircraft of choice when traveling to the united kingdom.


A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE! Leg room is a top priority for us because we are both over 6 feet tall. Having that extra space for your legs when you try and sleep is essential for feeling well rested after a long haul flight. With the premium seats on the dreamliner, we had everything we could possibly need and more. More than enough leg room, comfortable reclining seats, in-flight touch screen entertainment, high quality service, two full meals, and flawless safety. The premium seats are unlike anything you have ever traveled in. Its high quality for an affordable price, which means you don’t have to make much of a sacrifice on your travel expenses. Other notable perks that enhanced our overall  level of comfort on board was the fresh air circulating throughout the flight which helps result in less jet lag, the windows which are 65% larger than in comparable planes, mood lighting and the power outlets with a USB charger right by your seat.


Food is such an important thing if you are going to be on a flight for ten+ hours. The in flight meals that we had on Norwegian were delicious! Right after take off we had a choice between a meal consisting of chicken or shrimp, both were equally flavorful and filling. Another fun perk with your meal is that you get an endless amount of dinner rolls and you know we were not hesitant to ask for more bread. The second meal we had, right before disembarking, was breakfast. This meal was particularly crucial because once you step off the plane you want to be ready to tackle the day and not waste time worrying about finding a place to eat. The breakfast on the flight was scrumptious and exactly what we needed to kickstart our time afoot in the U.K.


One of the first things we did when we sat down in our premium seats was explore the personal in-flight entertainment touch screens. We quickly found ourselves getting engrossed with the trivia game, where you can play LIVE trivia with your travel companion and other passengers on board. Once we lost a few rounds of trivia we browsed through the TV and movie selection. The BEST part about this was that everything was FREE. We ended up watching Independence Day: Resurgence which might not have been the best choice to watch on a plane but it was still free and entertaining. There were countless other TV and movie options to choose from, enough to keep you entertained for a long flight, and you better believe we took full advantage of this service. 

FLYING LONG HAUL HAS NEVER FELT SO SHORT! Remember the number 5,452? When you think of that number in terms of miles, it can be rather intimidating. You may also think that number would equate in a long restless flight. However, it was quite the contrary on Norwegians 787-9 Dreamliner. This airliner takes pride in its ability to get you to your final destination faster all while burning less fuel along the way. Reducing the fuel burned means less emission for the environment but more importantly lower ticket prices for us travel lovers! There are a total of five 787-9 Dreamliner flights that offer service from LAX: Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm and London - so the opportunities to fly with the new 787-9 Dreamliner are endless! 

FRIENDLY STAFF! Customer service while traveling can either enhance your travel experience for the best or for the worst. From the moment you step onto the Dreamliner you feel as if you were right at home. Each doorway and entrance is staffed with a friendly attendant willing and able to assist you with your luggage, finding your seat or getting you a beverage. When you are flying to a foreign country, this type of service is so important because it eases your mind about travel not to mention, sets the tone for the destination in which you are traveling to. Can we also take note about how adorable the attendant uniforms were? Presentation is everything and we feel that Norwegian Airlines sets the bar high for other airlines. Our overall trip to London was such an amazing experience and much of that has to do with the level of comfort we felt when traveling on Norwegian Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner. If you are looking for an amazing airline, exceptional service, and affordable prices then we highly recommend Norwegian Airlines for your next trip to the United Kingdom! “Dream on - it’s time to get excited about flying again." Stay tuned for more blogs about our stay in London!

Check out our Travel Vlog to learn more about our Norwegian Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner experience!

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